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Hypalon® (csm) Gloves and Sleeves

Hypalon Glove

Hypalon® (csm) is a chlorosulfonated polyethylene that offers strong protection in the presence of extreme heat and/or oxidizing chemicals. Hypalon® (csm) has developed a reputation of maintaining a long life in various harsh environments.

Hypalon® (csm):

  • holds up well to physical stresses such as VHP, UV, weathering, abrasion, ozone, and various chemicals;
  • is not flammable and shows little effect from repeated flexion;
  • offers a high level of protection from caustics, oils, concentrated alkalis, fuels, and certain solvents;
  • maintains physical integrity in high and low temperatures;
  • offers low moisture absorption;
  • is often white/almond in color and can also be produced in blue.

To view all of the products made from Hypalon® (csm) that are available through Renco, please visit the Glove and Sleeve Product Catalog section of this website. Such products include:

Hypalon GloveY832 Series (this product is often referenced as 8Y 1532) Gloves: Hypalon® (csm); 8" port; 15 mil thick; 32" long; sizes 8-10 and 8Ambi-10Ambi available

Y1032 Series (this product is often referenced as 10Y 1532) Gloves: Hypalon® (csm); 10" port; 15 mil thick; 32" long; various hand sizes available

NY3832LL Series Gloves: Neoprene/Hypalon® (csm): 8" port; 30 mil thick; 32" long; LEAD-LOADED

Y103 Series Gloves: Hypalon® (csm): 15 mil thick; 14" long; various hand sizes available

Y4318GOS Series Sleeves: Hypalon® (csm): 8" port; 15 mil thick; w/ glove-OVER- sleeve connector; no glove attached

For updated product numbers and pricing, or to talk about your specific Hypalon® (csm) needs, please contact Renco at (978) 526-8494 or (800) 257-8284. You can also email us at

Hypalon® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.

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